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My Special Song is Calon Lan. by Nanno – this is my truth, tell me yours

My Special Song is Calon Lan. by Nanno




by Nanno (Forget Me Not Chorus)



I lived and grew up in Cwmllynfell

I loved singing Welsh folk songs and hymns


Oes gafr eto  (Counting the goats)

I remember singing it in school as I spoke Welsh

Oes gafr eto?

Oes heb ei godro?

Ar y creigiau geirwon

Mae’r hen afr yn crwydro.

(Is there another goat?

That’s not been milked?

On the craggy rocks

The old goat is wandering.)

It used to make me smile

As I imagined all the goats

And of course Calon Lan

Which I would sing

when I went to the rugby Internationals

which I loved.

The soaring melody

Always gave me goose pimples

I liked all the Welsh team


My favourite player

was Haydn Tanner

from Penclawdd,

he was lovely

and had

great legs

Many a time

I counted them……