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We are singing for fun. by Sharon Brewer – this is my truth, tell me yours

We are singing for fun. by Sharon Brewer




by Sharon Brewer, from the Chepstow creative writing group


We meet every Wednesday be it sunny or dreary

And however we arrive we leave feeling cheery

We start with a cuppa as friends reunite

To share the week’s gossip, woes and delights

Some of us have trouble remembering who’s who

So we all wear a name badge to give us a clue

We are wheelchair users and hasty walkers

Silent deep thinkers and incessant talkers

We’re a real box of all sorts embracing our quirks

With trust and acceptance and that’s why it works

There’s no pressure to perform, no need for ability

Just the freedom to be daft or just to sit and be

We’re diverse like our songbooks; Tom Jones to Vera Lynn

Rekindling memories with all that we sing

For our songs are like keys unlocking the mind

To the pathways that some of us struggle to find

And we laugh and dance and come alive

In our safe community we thrive

In friendship and voice, together as one

We meet every Wednesday, we are Singing for Fun